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With central North Carolina experiencing temperatures in the 90s, many are already using air conditioning and relying on it to work. But if your air conditioning fails, you could be in trouble.

Businesses across the country, including in Raleigh, have been struggling with employee shortages and delays for more than a year.

Now the prices are also increasing.

JD Anderson, owner of 919 Fix my AC, says the company does everything it can, but sometimes people have to wait weeks for fresh air.

Anderson said air conditioning companies need to get creative to keep people cool. But with a 30% increase in parts last year, it also means customers have to pay more.

“[I’m] not necessarily surprised,” said customer Paul Idzik. “I think we are all hardened now. It makes the headlines every day,”

“I was told it would take four to six weeks to fix my air conditioner. In this heat it’s a bit hard to hear, but everyone understands the inflation and supply chain issues.”

When the temperature increases, the demand also increases. Anderson said he pulled parts from various units for customers, costing him more in the long run.

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“Especially on the labor side because now I send a man twice to do the same job twice. The first time to pass a customer, then to get the new part,” Anderson said.

“I’ve phoned a few people for whom I’m heartbroken. I’ve lowered my price for them. Ultimately, if someone can’t afford it…air conditioning is a necessity” , he said.

As Anderson grapples with rising prices and demand, he’s still missing one critical element for his business: employees.

“It’s easier to sit in the air conditioning and work on a computer than it is to go up in a 150-degree attic,” Anderson said.

Andeson says those in need of repair should call a company immediately so that all parts can be ordered as quickly as possible.

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