Will the new Apple VR headset arrive by 2023? Camera, software, overheating issues to blame for lag

The new Apple VR headset now has an estimated launch date of 2023. Recently, reliable Apple enthusiast Ming-Chi Kuo released his prediction of November 2021.

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He said that the giant iPhone maker’s new augmented reality technology could be launched in the fourth quarter of 2022. However, new rumors indicate that this AR device could be delayed.

Some Apple insiders, who did not want to be named, said the tech giant was having issues with its new virtual reality technology, such as overheating.

Other than that, Apple seems to have issues with wearable cameras and software.

The new Apple VR will arrive by 2023

According to BloombergAccording to Apple’s latest report, the alleged issues could push back the launch of Apple’s new VR headset by 2023. However, the announcement is still expected to take place in late 2022.

Will the new Apple VR headset arrive by 2023?  Camera, software, overheating issues to blame for lag

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Breanna Sooter and her father Eric test out Cinemizer video glasses that allow users to watch movies from their iPods and iPhones during the 2009 Macworld Expo in San Francisco, CA, Wednesday, January 7, 2009. Tens of thousands of consumers Macintosh as well as Apple engineers and developers attended the annual technology fair where new Mac compatible products were showcased along with the release of the latest computer gadgets and software updates from Apple.

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As of now, Apple’s spokesperson has yet to comment on the delayed launch date. The next virtual reality gadget should be the next big thing for Apple.

Since it will be another category for its existing technologies, some experts have claimed that the VR headset could generate additional revenue for the giant iPhone maker.

This isn’t the first time the new wearable device has been delayed. Previous speculation claimed that the new VR/AR gadget was due out in 2021.

However, their claims were incorrect. At present, problems with Apple’s VR headset are still making their unpredictable debut.

Other VR innovations

Besides Apple, Panasonic has also announced a new VR headset called MeganeX, as reported USA today.

This new wearable gadget is said to be lighter than existing VR headsets today. Thanks to this, consumers can easily wear it like regular eyeglasses.

On the other hand, it also runs applications from SteamVR. If you want to see more details, you can visit this link.

In other news, Oculus Quest 2 is currently being investigated by Britain’s data watchdog for lacking parental controls. Meanwhile, InWith is currently working on the world’s first smart contact lenses.

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