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Submachine guns are a powerful tool in any Call of Duty: Warzone player’s arsenal. That being said, we’ve ranked every SMG, collected the top five, and also revealed their best props for the best close-range loadouts in Warzone Pacific Season 1.

The Warzone Pacific Season 1 launch on December 8, 2021 saw the rise of weapons like the Automaton and the Cooper Rifle. These weapons are all assault rifles and have dominated the battle royale since their introduction.

That said, there are some very powerful and underrated SMGs that have slowly climbed to the top, getting the job done when it comes to close combat.

Whether you’re playing Rebirth Resurgence or Caldera, we’ve ranked all of Warzone Pacific’s SMGs and the top 5 loadouts you should be using.

List of the best Warzone SMGs

SMGs have always played an important balancing role in Warzone. Most of the time, SMGs will beat other types of weapons in close combat which is very important when it comes to having a versatile loadout.

Before we take a look at each of the best SMG loadouts in the game, we’ll first rank each SMG in Warzone Pacific Season 1 so you can see how each weapon stacks up against the others.

Here is our official ranking of SMGs in Warzone Pacific Season 1:

  1. PPSH-41 (Vanguard)
  2. Type 100
  3. MAC-10
  4. MP40
  5. occupational therapists 9
  6. M1912
  7. PPSH-41 (Cold War)
  8. Owen pistol
  9. bullfrog
  10. MP7
  11. TEC-9
  12. MP5 (MW)
  13. Milano
  14. MP5 (CW)
  15. Fennec
  16. CX-9
  17. AK-74u
  18. Nailer
  19. Sten
  20. Bizon
  21. P90
  22. AOT (MW)
  23. ISO
  24. Uzi
  25. Striker
  26. CL10
  27. KSP 45

Best Warzone SMG Loads

Here are the five best SMGs you should use in Caldera and Rebirth Island in Warzone Pacific Season 1.

SMGs are fairly balanced in Warzone Pacific Season 1, and the five on this list cover various playstyles and ranges of engagement.

5. Best loading OTs 9 Warzone

OTs 9 SMG in Warzone Season 5
  • Muzzle: GRU suppressor
  • Barrel: 8.1 ″ Working group
  • Laser: Spotlight on Team Tiger
  • Ammunition: Spetsnaz 40 Rnd
  • Store: KGB skeletal stock

In the previous integration of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, players received the OT 9. This SMG quickly made a name for itself as one of the best close combat weapons players can use in their battles, and it continues to perform well in Warzone Pacific. Season 1.

The OTs 9’s agile mobility and punching power have made it a favorite among the world’s top players. He’s received a few small nerfs in previous updates, but he’s still extremely powerful up close.

4.Best MP40 Warzone loading

Vanguard MP40 SMG
  • Muzzle: Recoil booster
  • Barrel: VDD 189 mm short
  • Optical: Krausnick ISO 1M
  • Store: Krausnick 33M foldable
  • Sub-barrel: SMLE pistol grip
  • Magazine: Round drum 9mm 64
  • Ammunition type: Elongate
  • Rear handle: Fabric handle
  • Advantage : Spacer
  • Advantage 2: Quickly done

The MP40 is direct from Vanguard and offers a more versatile and dynamic playstyle for those who like to use SMGs that can also take on enemies at medium range. Despite a slower rate of fire and worse TTK than most SMGs, the MP40 hits hard and is much more consistent at various ranges.

Ultimately, the MP40 is perfect for those who don’t want to double down and go all-in on a close-range SMG, as it still performs well far up close.

3. Better loading MAC-10 Warzone

Warzone MAC-10 loading
  • Muzzle: Monolithic suppressor
  • Barrel: Working group 5.9 ″
  • Laser: Spotlight on Team Tiger
  • Store: Raider Stock
  • Ammunition: STANAG 53rd drum

When it arrived in Warzone, the MAC-10 was the undisputed benchmark SMG. While he may not be the best dog anymore, his fast rate of fire, minimal recoil, and blazingly fast kill time still works very well against the newer Vanguard SMGs.

The MAC-10 is an absolute monster at close range, but the damage drop at long range is very noticeable, so you might want to perform an AR with it.

2. Best loading type 100 Warzone

war zone type 100
  • Muzzle: Conflict compensator
  • Barrel: Shiraishi 374mm
  • Optical: Sakura short irons
  • Store: Warubachi skeleton
  • Sub-barrel: m1941 Manual stop
  • Magazine: 8mm Kurz 48 Round Drums
  • Ammunition type: Hollow point
  • Rear handle: Leather handle
  • Advantage : Vital
  • Advantage 2: Quickly done

The Type 100 is another Vanguard SMG that players are starting to notice. Unlike some of the other SMGs on this list, it won’t shred enemies at close range, but it does perform well at medium range.

The Type 100 definitely has a good point, as it can still beat a lot of other weapons at close range, however, it is best used at close to medium range. With minimal recoil and great damage range, the Type 100 is ideal for those looking for a sniper support weapon.

1. Best Vanguard PPSH-41 Warzone loadout

Vanguard PPSH-41 SMG
  • Muzzle: Mercury silencer
  • Barrel: Empress 140mm Fast
  • Optical: Slate reflector
  • Store: Empress Custom
  • Sub-barrel: Sculptor’s wrist
  • Magazine: 7.62mm Gorenko Cartridges
  • Ammunition: Elongate
  • Rear handle: Dotted handle
  • Advantage : Constant
  • Advantage 2: Quickly done

The Vanguard PPSH-41 is currently the best SMG of Warzone Pacific Season 1. Although it received a nerf in the recent update, it still has an extremely fast TTK at close range and, with the right construction, can even perform well at medium range.

Due to the performance of the Cold War PPSH, you can expect the hindsight to be ridiculous. However, it’s quite the opposite, and with the attachments above, the recoil can be controlled quite easily, allowing you to hit those shots at longer distances.

Definitely give the PPSH-41 a try once you’ve unlocked it, which can take a while since it’s a fairly late unlock.

While these SMGs are the top five loadouts you should run, there are some great close range assault rifle options available as well.

For example, the Cooper Carbine was considered the fastest gun Warzone has ever seen by FaZe Swagg, so maybe give it a try once you unlock it in the Season 1 Battle Pass. Learn more, be sure to check out Warzone Pacific’s most popular loadouts.

Image credits: Activision / Raven Software

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