Warzone Pacific patch brings major changes to Vanguard Royale and fixes bugs

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific introduces a range of new content. This came in the form of new areas to explore, two new weapons to equip for your loadout, and more. In January, the new season was delayed in favor of improving the state of the game. The developers kept their promise and continued to roll out regular updates. The last Pacific War Zone patch makes changes to Avant-garde Royale, while continuing to make bug fixes.

The biggest adjustment was made to the Avant-garde Royal Reading List. As he re-enters the rotation, you will notice that the main player’s health will increase from 100 to 150. This means that if you have full health and armor plates, your total health pool increases to 300 Ultimately, that means the kill time in this playlist is going to be slower.

Also, drones have returned to buy stations, but at a higher price. They now cost $9,000, down from $6,000 before. The goal of this change is to make drones accessible without players being able to exploit them as much in a match.

Fixed hidden bugs in weapon attachments

In addition to making changes to Avant-garde royal, the Pacific War Zone patch squashes a few more bugs around Caldera. Notable fixes address an issue that caused players to become stuck while lying under certain elements such as stairs. Additionally, a repair was made to the VDD 189mm short barrel that incorrectly affected location multipliers on the MP40. Another issue was resolved with the Bren, causing the Queen’s 705mm Royal Barrel to bypass its intended damage reduction. Despite this, the Bren Light Machine Gun will always be a strong contender in battle royale. Fixed an issue with the new Nebula V Rounds being able to penetrate riot shields, as well as the visual effect on several launchers.

Warzone Pacific Vanguard Royale Changes and Bug Fixes

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