Warzone Pacific Bugs and Crashes: Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Verdansk has been sent into the great battle royale in the skies, and now it’s time for us to dive into a new arena of perpetual warfare: Caldera. Those who bought Call of Duty: Vanguard have access to the new map a day earlier.

While a big multiplayer update and a new map is usually cause for celebration, Warzone’s Pacific update seems to have introduced a plethora of issues and stability issues. Here’s a recap of the issues we and the community have encountered so far, along with what can be done to mitigate their effect on your game.

Warzone Pacific bugs reported by players so far

Warzone weapon model bug, aka the polygon explosion problem

In a revival of a previous warzone bug, picking up some weapons can detonate the weapon model into a jagged polygonal bramble. It’s quite a sight to see, and it wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t constantly follow the weapon in question, block your view and hampering play.

While I have also observed this issue occurring with the MP40 submachine gun, most of the time it seems to be related to the STG44 assault rifle. Right now, the only solution is to switch to another weapon, and it might be worth avoiding the TSG until the issue is fixed. Crow a already recognized the problem, so a fix should arrive.

Audio cut

PC Gamer’s Morgan Park has seen its mood worsen due to this recurring audio issue. At this point all we can say for sure is that there is various reports corroborating this problem, and we’ll update this page once a fix is ​​released or a user-side fix is ​​found.

LoD loading problem

We saw several examples of environment textures not loading properly, like when you rotated your camera in an older Unreal Engine 3 game and everything looked washed out and mellow. When it occurs and the persistence of the problem varies from user to user, some fall on the map and it stays in this state for an entire match, while others will find it located in parts of the Caldera.

We have not yet encountered the issue ourselves and are unsure whether it affects PC drives as well, but some users are reporting that disabling Texture Streaming in the graphics menu fixes the issue.

Warzone Pacific crashes

Most crash complaints in Warzone Pacific are on PS4 and PS5, but we’ve seen some complaints of to crash on PC too. I don’t see anything completely unusual at the moment, such as a generalized crash affecting one category of players.

Crashes can happen for a number of different reasons – if Warzone’s new Pacific update crashes for you, let us know in the comments what you’re going through. Both players above are above minimum specs, and one of them has confirmed that his drivers are up to date and temperatures normal. On PS5 it is seems to correlate with the previously mentioned texture detail issue, but since this one is so prevalent, it’s hard to tell if it’s related.

Warzone Pacific’s launch day woes are past the typical day one jank threshold, but I hope Raven can get those issues sorted out. We will keep this page updated as fixes and player side solutions arrive.

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