VIDEO: Cockroach Infested Laptop Takes ‘Computer Bugs’ to the Next Level


The unidentified man filmed himself fixing the computer – and was horrified to find a colony of cockroaches inside.

After removing the casing, he sees a lone roach in the corner of the machine and chooses it.

But when he pulls out the motherboard, dozens of huge, scary critters rush into the bowels of the laptop.

And you might want to think twice about your own laptop, because the problem is not that uncommon.

One commentator, who saw the video on social media site Reddit, said, “Cockroaches are drawn to heat, humidity and food.

“I imagine the living conditions of a typical gamer in his early twenties who uses his laptop at home and doesn’t move it around a lot.

“Their play area may contain pieces of food (fries, pizza, Red Bull, etc.) that initially attract cockroaches.

“The player will never see cockroaches when awake because cockroaches like to roam in the dark.

HORROR: Under the motherboard, the laptop was infested with a colony of cockroaches (Photo: IG)

RAW: The infested laptop of a cockroach colony (Pic: IG)

“After the lights are out, the cockroaches come out, look for food, then go to where they sense the heat… probably from the still warm laptop.”

“And all it takes is one or two cockroaches to create a colony. They breed like crazy.”

And another added, “Most seasoned techs encounter at least one cockroach infestation at some point. A fun part of the job.”


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