Utah County Police Group Issues Letter of ‘No Defiance’ to Utah County District Attorney

The Utah County Fraternal Order of Police released a scathing open letter on Friday denouncing Utah County District Attorney David Leavitt while urging the public not to re-elect him.

“Utah County law enforcement has no confidence in the ability and fitness of Utah County Attorney David Leavitt to perform his duties as the county’s lead prosecutor,” the letter said.

The FOP, a nonprofit whose members are made up of officers from 14 Utah County agencies, argues that Leavitt is “failing to provide safety and protection” to Utah County residents.

Leavitt’s office responded to the allegations Friday night simply stating, “Our office will not comment on political matters.”

Among the allegations cited in the police organization’s statement:

  • Leavitt eliminated the Special Victims Prosecution Unit, leaving “inexperienced lawyers” to handle cases of rape, sex trafficking and crimes against children.
  • Leavitt will no longer seek the death penalty“no matter how serious” the crime.
  • Drug trafficking and cartel activity increased in Utah County due to Leavitt’s “lack of aggressive prosecution” for drug-related crimes.
  • Leavitt “does not protect officers” assaulted in the line of duty.
  • Leavitt will not prosecute violent crimes unless a victim suffers “actual physical harm.”
  • Leavitt treats child pornography cases as computer crimes “and not as heinous crimes perpetrated against children.”

The Utah County FOP also says 50% fewer criminal cases are being prosecuted in the county today than in 2018, even though the crime rate has remained stable.

“David Leavitt is more concerned with the welfare and rights of a suspect than those of the public and victims of crime,” the letter states. “We ask and encourage all residents not to re-elect David Leavitt in 2022.”

The letter was reposted on the social media pages of the Fraternal Order of Utah State Police with their own comments.

“The State’s FOP stands with our brothers and sisters in Utah County and renews our calls for an investigation into the actions of this prosecutor, who acts more like prosecutors in crime-ridden, prone areas of the country. socialist. Compare his statements and actions to those of Los Angeles, Portland, Baltimore DAs among others.”

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