UMail migration issues? Try these troubleshooting tips


Since June 1, 2021, University Information Technology (ITU) has gradually migrated all UMail accounts for faculty and staff at the University of Utah and University of Utah Health from Microsoft Exchange Server (hosted on campus) to Microsoft Exchange Online (hosted online by the ‘Microsoft infrastructure). The project, which is expected to last around 10 weeks, will help modernize U’s communication technology and better meet the needs of those who work, learn and teach at a distance.

While most of the migrations have gone well, ITU Director of Communications Infrastructure Mike Ekstrom and Associate Director of Unified Communications James Rice said the Known issues temporarily created while university switch servers tripped some users.

“The predominant issues seem to be accessing UMail in a browser and resetting account profiles,” Rice said.

Fortunately, users can easily fix both issues.

To access UMail via Outlook Web Access (OWA), users should use the full web address, including the “www.” ( After migrating their accounts, users may also need to clear their web browser’s cache and cookies.

To troubleshoot issues accessing or using UMail through an email application, users should delete their old UMail profiles and refer to the instructions and video tutorials in tthe computer knowledge base on how to recreate the profiles.

Other known issues, such as difficulty with sshared messaging resources, may require more practical help. Ekstrom and Rice encourage users to refer to the IT knowledge base first to resolve any issues they may encounter, and then to contact local IT staff or a central help desk for support.

“If users can fix a problem on their own, it would divert help desk call volume to more complicated and urgent issues,” Rice said.

Almost 95,000 UMail faculty and staff accounts are being upgraded this summer, so the migration is moving fast. Campus accounts move first, before the start of the fall semester; hospital accounts will be updated thereafter. Accounts are migrated by ORG ID for the purpose of moving users who can share email resources to Exchange Online at the same time. Users will be notified via UMail approximately 48 hours before their accounts are migrated.

It’s a complex effort, Ekstrom said.

“However, if a department needs to migrate at a specific time or in a specific way, its leaders should contact us,” Ekstrom said. Deans, department heads and directors can contact Rice at [email protected].

The fundamental change, said Rice, is the OWA interface. The update includes more mailbox space and the latest features, such as dark mode and sharing with teams.

“People [who have already migrated] are excited about the new user interface, ”Rice said. “So I think people who access UMail through a web browser will really like the OWA update. “


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