The distribution of salaries and pensions is delayed due to server problems in the treasury – KERALA – GENERAL


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The distribution of wages and pensions was delayed even on the third day of the new year with the shutdown of the treasury computer system. Although officials say the distribution of wages will take place from Tuesday, there are concerns that transactions are proceeding at a slow pace. If the problem is not completely resolved, repair work will have to be done by stopping the servers from Friday to Monday. Experts from Keltron and the National Informatics Center (NIC) had carried out similar repair work this Saturday and Sunday. However, on Monday morning, officials couldn’t even turn on the system. With this, the distribution of wages was completely disrupted. Following this, NIC experts arrived and fixed the issue at 3:00 PM. However, the operation did not return to normal.

Thousands of retirees returned disappointed after coming to collect the money. Health workers, who receive direct payments, have also returned empty-handed. Salaries of civil servants could not be transferred to their accounts.

Retirees of five and a half lakhs and government employees of four and a half lakhs receive their pensions and salaries on the first ten days of the month.

The problems with the server were discovered in December itself. This is not the first time that a server crash has caused a crisis. The distribution of pensions and wages was delayed in March, April and September of last year due to server issues. The director was removed from his post last month following a disruption in treasury operations. No replacement director has been appointed. The co-director is in temporary charge.

The National Informatics Center, a central government agency, is responsible for the computers, servers, and data link. Keltron and the IT treasury department are helping. It is alleged that the task of managing the systems, including the treasury server, was left to unqualified persons.

Incompetent server and software

  • About Rs 6700 crore is transferred only for wages and pensions. Of this amount, Rs 1600 crore is disbursed on the first day.
  • According to one section, the server cannot handle so many transactions simultaneously. The solution is to increase server capacity and bandwidth. The section argues that there is no problem with the software.
  • The IT department of the Treasury says the problem is with the software. They are not ready to buy or increase server capacity.


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