Strange collection of bugs involving Explorer, Start menu and Photos app

Some of the symptoms described (especially faulty stop buttons) are consistent with video driver issues…

To test this theory and since the shutdown button seems to misbehave consistently, can you temporarily boot the system into safe mode and test the shutdown button operations?

Safe mode will load the generic Microsoft video driver so things are different (you can test the other failures as well), but you just want to see if the stop button behaves.

So do this:

Follow this tutorial to post a link URL to your Speccy report

So do this:

What is the make and model of your system or is it something assembled from separately purchased components?

If the system is a Dell, what is the service tag?

If the system is an HP, what is the serial number?

If the system is a Toshiba, what is the serial number?

If the system is a Lenovo, what is the serial number?

Describe your anti-virus/anti-malware environment.

Click on the Start button and in the box enter:


Press Enter, and when the system summary information appears, click Edit, Select All (Ctrl-A), Copy (Ctrl-C) and then paste (Ctrl-V) the information here in your next response.

For video device and driver information, expand components, click View, click Edit, Select All, Copy, and then paste the information here.

There will be personal information (like system name and username), and anything that looks like private information to you, just delete it from the pasted information.

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