Steps to take if DraftKings, other sportsbook cannot locate you

GeoComply is the software used by US sports betting that verifies that you are in a legal betting state.

Books require you to download and run them on the desktop, because iOS uses its own location services to locate you.

But GeoComply has some issues. And this is the PG version. Just check their Twitter mentions.

Even if you are in New Jersey or another legal betting state, you may receive the following message when you try to log into a sports betting site like DraftKings.

Here are eight reasons and explanations GeoComply believes you are not in a legal betting state. If none of these tips work, hit them on twitter.

1. Uninstall and reinstall GeoComply

The old “unplug and re-plug” method may work if you’re having trouble with GeoComply.

2. This is your router – Try changing your DNS settings

Newer Verizon FIOS (G3100) gigabyte routers in particular do not work with GeoComply in the router’s factory settings.

You need to change your DNS settings on your computer. here is a detailed reading on how to do it for Mac and Windows.

3. Disable VPN, Zoom, etc.

When you’ve activated some sort of location modification program, GeoComply becomes a frenzied mess.

My work laptop is running security software that GeoComply thinks I’m trying to bypass location checks. It also doesn’t work when Zoom is running.

Disable any programs that you think make GeoComply look like you’re trying to hide your location.

4. You are too close to the border

Sports bettors in states like New York have made a habit of traveling directly across the state border to New Jersey to bet. But in some places near the border – Washington DC in particular – GeoComply can’t seem to discern whether or not you’re in range.

Even between the borders of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, both of which have legal betting, GeoComply can have issues and prevent you from betting.

5. Update your computer’s operating system

GeoComply does not work on some older Mac operating systems. Try to update your software.

6. Clear your browser’s cache to force any changes to start.

A cache in your browser stores frequently viewed static content. So, unless you clear it, your browser might still be working with the old information that prevented GeoComply from working.

Clear your cache after following the above steps or try a different browser.

7. If all else fails, bet on your phone

The sad fact is that GeoComply will probably give you trouble forever. Bet on your phone (not on WiFi) if you can’t on the desktop.

8. Hit them on Twitter

For all the issues, GeoComply is good enough to respond to users. Hit them on Twitter.

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