Sidecar issues and bugs, is this normal? (MBP 14″ M1 Pro + iPad 9)

Hello everyone! I started using the Sidecar solution and noticed a lot of bugs so I decided to open this thread to see your opinions and possible workarounds.

I’m using an MBP 14″ 2021 M1 Pro, and this week I also bought an iPad 9.
There is already an external monitor connected to my MBP via an HDMI cable. And I configured my iPad with the Sidecar, as a 3rd screen.

When I use a wired connection between MBP and iPad;

  • When I try to change a setting in the Sidecar options (e.g. Show Touch Bar), the Sidecar freezes in a blurry visual. At the same time, MBP also starts having fun: internet connection stops, screen settings won’t open, Sidecar can’t be stopped or restarted, etc.
  • When I shut down Sidecar and try to restart it, it doesn’t work. It just starts to freeze and there’s no response. At the same time, MBP also acts like an idiot. Settings won’t open, internet connection drops, etc.

When I use wireless connection between MBP and iPad;

  • Mouse movements on the iPad feel sluggish, like a game with a 400ms ping.
  • When I try to shut down and restart the Sidecar it freezes again like it does in the wired connection. There is a blank gray screen on the iPad. And there is no way to do anything on the MBP. I always end up restarting the computer, but even this solution gets really buggy
  • There are also freezes on the iPad but I can’t figure out when and why it freezes. It pops up all the time, Sidecar freezes and I can’t even turn it off on the MBP. When I try, as always, to restart the Sidecar on the MBP, it also starts to mess up.

Does anyone have the same behavior?
I’m really shocked that Apple released this software with all these huge bugs.

Also, if there is any workaround you can provide me, please share it below. I would appreciate that!
Thanks in advance!

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