ServiceNow launches Lightstep Notebooks to help developers speed up troubleshooting

ServiceNow has unveiled its Lightstep Notebooks, an additional feature of Lightstep Observability, designed to enable faster, more collaborative and more accurate troubleshooting.

Now more than ever, site reliability engineering (SRE) teams are critical to business resilience. According to IDC’s 2022 SRE survey, more than a third (36.3%) of SRE organizations cite improved revenue and profit as a key measure of the success of their teams. The same percentage of SRE organizations cite improved customer experience as an indicator of SRE success.

Too often, the same SREs and developers are mired in troubleshooting production incidents to understand the root causes. SREs and developers have to work across different tools, data sources, and even time zones, increasing complexity on their path to resolution.

By connecting disparate data sources, Lightstep Notebooks provides unified, comprehensive analysis across applications and infrastructure. It allows developers to analyze data through powerful visualizations while creating a structured view of investigation steps and the path to resolution. Additionally, Lightstep Notebooks enables SREs and developers to quickly mitigate incidents and proactively prevent recurrence, maintaining a reliable end-user experience.

Leveraging Change Intelligence (Lightstep’s analytics engine), Lightstep Notebooks enables any developer, operator, or SRE to instantly understand changes in the health of their service and underlying infrastructure. This is critical when investigating an incident, collaborating across teams, or quickly documenting learnings to share across the organization.

Key features include:

• Data Visualizations – Ad-hoc graphs of systems and their underlying data, including heatmaps and time series with sample traces, help SREs better understand why incidents occurred.
• High Data Retention – 100% of trace data can be retained for up to three days, giving SREs enough time to identify the root cause of an incident without any data loss.
• Improved Collaboration – SREs can easily share Notebooks analyzes with colleagues via a shareable link so they can immediately start collaborating.
• Reduced Complexity – An instantly generated investigation path in Lightstep highlights intelligent correlations to quickly and confidently determine where a problem lies.
• Easy post-mortems – SREs can incorporate information generated throughout an investigation into a post-mortem so teams can discuss the root causes of issues and take long-term action to prevent them from happening. reproduce.

Damien Mathieu, developer at Okta and user of Lightstep Notebooks, said, “Lightstep Notebooks meets the needs that arise throughout our team’s troubleshooting journey by providing granular, contextual data and facilitating the ability to collaborate to resolve issues. problems in real time.

“Laptops have allowed our team to reduce our reliance on logs, saving us time and resources, and allowing us to deliver a better customer experience through a single, unified view of telemetry data. .”

ServiceNow acquired Lightstep in 2021 to solidify and accelerate our position as the world’s leading enterprise platform for digital businesses. With Lightstep, an emerging pioneer in next-generation application monitoring and observability, ServiceNow helps developers and SREs build, deploy, run, and monitor cutting-edge cloud-native applications.

Together, ServiceNow and Lightstep aim to extend the benefits of observability across the enterprise through digital workflows that convert real-time insights into action for the technologies, people, and processes that enable digital commerce.

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