Russian hackers hired to take JEE and GMAT exams, 6 arrested

Delhi Police Cybercell has dismantled a massive online exam hacking racket and arrested six people who allegedly helped wannabes cheat on GMAT and JEE entrance exams across the country.

Police said the accused had hired Russian hackers who developed software to remotely hack into examination center computers. The software has been developed in such a way that it cannot be detected by supervisors.

The gang took Rs 8-10 lakh from a candidate for the JEE exams and Rs 6-8 lakhs for the GMAT exams. They made money to the tune of Rs 50-60 crore. The CBI is investigating the JEE exam hack scam.

For 10 days, Delhi Police arrested hackers, exam solvers, trainers and owners of coaching institutes involved in the scam. One of the accused is also wanted by the CBI and the Haryana Police. The main defendant, Raj Teotia (33), has reportedly been leading the racketeering since 2019. Police said he traveled to Russia to meet and hire hackers for the gang, and also invited them to India during the lock to install the software.

KPS Malhotra, DCP (Cyber ​​Cell), said, “Our investigation shows that the gang has helped over 500 applicants pass the JEE and other entrance tests and 18 applicants pass the GMAT exam. We received information about their illegal activities because they were charging a high amount. These gangs claim to have access to GMAT, IBM, CCISO, JEE, and other reputable exams.

A team led by ACP Raman Lamba first contacted the hackers, posing as candidates seeking help taking the GMAT exam. They paid the money and booked a slot.

On the day of the test, December 26, the accused sent a link to software called “Ultraviewer” to access the examination center laptop.

Access to the laptop was then given to a “solver”, who assisted the candidate by providing correct answers to the test.

“Our policeman who pretended to be a candidate got 780 out of 800 points with the help of these people. We then began to search for their location. We found out that they were in Mumbai. On January 1, three people – A Dhunna, S Dhunna and H Shah – were arrested in Mahim. They were responsible for talking to candidates and helping connect their laptops to hackers, ”DCP Malhotra said.

The three men were questioned and identified other members. Police then arrested K Goel from Delhi. He runs a coaching center in Pitampura and is said to have been tasked with organizing “solvers” who could help candidates.

Ms. Sharma, a “solver”, was arrested in Gurgaon, while Teotia was arrested in Jaipur.

During questioning, the police discovered that the accused were involved in the activities of training institutes and exam supervision. Teotia also opened “examination labs” himself to perform entry tests and help wannabes cheat, police said. He first created such a “laboratory” in Agra, then in Jaipur and Kota. However, the review authorities subsequently blacklisted them.

“The Russian hackers they hired were also creating software to take other exams like ranger, navy, and so on. Said DCP Malhotra.

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