Rainbow Six Siege update fixes gadget bugs and a new map

Ubisoft has released a new Rainbow Six Siege update as players continue to enjoy the game’s latest season. A word of warning: there is no new content or major changes, this latest patch aims to eliminate a short list of frustrating bugs.


You’ll need to download and install the Rainbow Six Siege update to continue playing, as Ubisoft has fixed issues with gadgets as well as the new Emerald Plains map.

Having recently finished reworking all old maps, the developers are committed to adding new locations throughout 2022, as well as new operators and game modes.

Rainbow Six Siege Update | Y7S1.3 Patch Notes


Below are the download sizes for each platform.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 480 MB
  • Steam: 394 MB
  • Xbox One: 660 MB
  • Xbox Series X: 655 MB
  • PS4: 551 MB
  • PS5: 480 MB



FIXED – Blackbeard’s mounted shield can block stun grenades.

FIXED – Defenders gadgets become indestructible after being downed or killed while holding the gadget.

FIXED – Gadgets are indestructible after being pushed while holding the gadget in hands.


FIXED – Amaru cannot use Garra Hook to reach the top of Emerald Plains left tower


FIXED – Operator portrait is not equipped after purchasing a bundle and pressing the “Equip All” button.

FIXED – Reticle will become a white dot in several conditions for Mountain.

FIXED – Camera issues during match replay on Emerald Plains.

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 – what’s new?

Rainbow Six Siege update highlights

For those who want a quick overview of the latest Y7S1 additions to Siege, here’s a condensed list:

  • New operator – Azami, a 2 health/2 speed defender whose throwable kunai gadget creates bulletproof cover plates.
  • New mode – Team Deathmatch returns as a permanent game mode in Rainbow Six Siege. Respawn, switch Operators, and practice before heading into competitive matches.
  • Striker recovery – Allows attackers to repopulate their Operator during the preparation/drone phase. Available in all game modes.
  • Universal Weapon Sights – A wider range of scopes and sights now available in the game’s arsenal.
  • Resumption of Goyo – Goyo’s gadget has been reworked – the Volcán Canister is more compact and no longer attached to a deployed shield.
  • Player Protection – Ranked play in Siege will require authentication via a phone number.
  • Match Replay for consoles – This PC feature will finally be available on consoles, allowing playback of up to 2 hours of footage (or 12 matches).
  • Operator discounts – Mozzie and Gridlock are now at 10,000 Renown Credits or 240 R6 Credits, Oryx and Iana go to 15,000 Renown Credits or 360 R6 Credits, and Flores will now cost 20,000 Renown Credits or 480 R6 Credits.

For those playing Ubi’s co-op alien shooter Rainbow Six Extraction, the developers recently added a new enemy type as well as a prestige system. Meanwhile, a free mobile version of Siege is currently in the works with closed testing ahead.

Source: Ubisoft


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