Overwatch 2’s worst bugs since launch

Monitor 2 brought the next iteration of the game to fans with a host of updates, including cross-platform play on all consoles, new characters, and new ways to earn cosmetic upgrades. However, the new version was not without its hitches and many bugs quickly crept in as players got their hands on the game.

Many minor bugs were quickly fixed out of game, but game-breaking issues marred the experience for a multitude of players. Experienced fans and new players have come up against some greats Monitor 2 bugs, not all of which have been fixed even a month after launch.


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Overwatch 2 Server Crashes and PC Restarts

overwatch 2 server issues

Unexpected server errors often plague multiplayer game launches, and stress tests rarely replicate the pressure of a live environment. When the sequel to Surveillance uploaded it delivered a host of server issues. Live Monitor 2 server outages caused players to disconnect or end up in seemingly endless queues as matches did not launch properly. Patches and updates have reduced much of the strain, but sometimes this problem persists.

A massive bug took this one step further. Players who did not have the latest drivers or had hardware conflicts in their PC systems experienced random reboots of their entire computer system while playing. Monitor 2. Blizzard has offered to diagnose these issues for players wishing to download a Direct X diagnostic file, and many conflicts have since been resolved.

Unable to merge Battle.net accounts

logo-battle-net-battle.net- (2)

One of the biggest promises made by developers as we approach Monitor 2 was that players would keep all unlocked heroes, skins, cosmetics, and similar upgrades obtained in the first game. This has put a strain on the game’s creators to ensure that every item is properly transferred between accounts.

Unfortunately, the strain on the fusion system has left many console players without access to these unlockables. Queue lengths for Monitor 2 merge requests still fluctuate between 900 and 90,000 for no rhyme or reason, but Battle.net is confident that no player will lose their progress. It may just take time to sort out the remaining accounts.

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Locked Classic Overwatch Heroes

surveillance hero

However, players may find themselves kicked out of playable characters for reasons other than merging accounts. This big bug prevents even older characters from being part of the lineup. Those who are just starting the game may find themselves unable to access the original Surveillance heroes, including Bastion, Genji, Mei, and Symmetra.

Players new to the game must complete challenges to unlock these characters, while older players should get them as part of the merge. Those who have earned them but not unlocked should try rebooting, merging again, and running the game again. Failing that, a support ticket may be in order.

Overwatch 2 spends credits for players


Players who merge their accounts must keep previously earned coins in legacy form, which allows them to unlock additional skins from Surveillance from the start. Unfortunately, a bug in Monitor 2 the chat led to players typing messages accidentally purchasing skins through a combination of spacebar and mouse placement.

Players can quickly, accidentally, and completely unintentionally buy skins while trying to communicate with friends before a match. Blizzard noted that it does not offer refunds for purchases of this nature. Console players using controllers are likely unaffected by this bug.

Overwatch 2 Endless Matches


Account bugs are often huge, but those that prevent games from completing are just as annoying. Some players got stuck in Monitor 2 spawn rooms, unable to leave room while overtime timer hasn’t ended. A built-in clock prevents matches from lasting more than two hours before the game forces a timeout.

Players stuck in endless matches have only two choices. They can bide the time before the match is canceled or risk Surveillance departure penalty when leaving. Blizzard notes that they have fixed the issue on the server side and it should no longer appear in regular matches.

Stuck in Competitive Bronze 5

Collage of Overwatch 2 Competitive Ranks

The new ranked competition system Monitor 2 removes SR calculations and promotes players through the ranks based on a record of seven wins or 20 losses. Players starting matches with their friends early in the season could often get stuck in Monitor 2‘s Bronze 5, the lowest level, without advancing alongside others with the exact same win-loss record. This was another server-side bug that made it to live launch.

Blizzard has since fixed the ranking system, helping to ensure players receive proper promotions between tiers. Players affected by the bug should quickly find themselves in the appropriate level.

Overloaded Torbjörn and Dam Bastion


Balance is essential for games that offer competitive play and esports support. Blizzard has always taken an ever-evolving approach to balance, adjusting characters as needed between competitive seasons with occasional fixes for bugs and exploits. An example of this was how Torbjörn and Bastion were removed from the game early on due to bugs with their abilities.

This temporary removal left fans without the ability to rank up competitively using two of the game’s most popular DPS characters. .

Unbeatable Sombra and Escaped Mei

Overwatch 2 clip shows how effective Mei can be at blocking enemies in their spawn room

Two other DPS characters have since posted game-changing, if not game-ending bugs. Players have discovered that the Sombra hacker can teleport inside the payload. This makes her invulnerable while still being able to attack players and cast her ultimate. Surveillance Hero Mei is on hiatus from competitive play until November 15, as a bug with her ice wall is causing issues with the terrain and unintentionally affecting player movement.

It’s not just a balance issue when a character becomes invulnerable or gains an unintended advantage that can make or break plays. These bugs may seem inconsequential compared to lost progress, restarting PCs, or server crashes, but they make a big difference for players looking for a fair match on their way to higher competitive ranks.

Monitor 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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