Oklahoma DPS says computer issues causing recent slowdowns and crashes resolved

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) said computer issues that recently caused slowdowns and blackouts have been resolved.

For months, News 9 reported and spoke to many Oklahoma residents who struggled to secure a date.

DPS spokeswoman Sarah Stewart said she worked with Oklahoma’s Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) and the system vendor (IDEMIA) to uncover the problem.

“Numerous reports are generated throughout the day on the activities of DPS and Beacon Agents,” said Stewart. “The volume of these reports basically bogged down the system. “

To resolve the issue, DPS officials said daily reporting is now done in a new location.

The move unleashed vital computing power, officials said.

DPS reports since March 1, the identification system is operating at an overall efficiency rate of 95%.

“The supplier saw it, OMES saw it and made sure that this report was moved to another area so that it didn’t hamper the part of the system we use to do business.” every day, ”said Stewart.

Joshua Benjamin-Baker walked out of a DPS office on Friday feeling like a million bucks after he said he and his family finally had an Oklahoma ID card.

“We made an appointment in January,” Benjamin-Baker said. “It was as early as possible. It took us a week to book it.”

The family moved from Arizona to Oklahoma in December and the process has never been more complicated, Benjamin-Baker said.

“It was a nightmare because we started trying in December and didn’t succeed until mid or early January,” Benjamin-Baker said.

DPS officials said there was still the problem of a two-month backlog of appointments to deal with. They are hoping the state legislature will take action this session and fund 44 additional driver’s license examiner positions to help.

DPS has already added evening and weekend appointments to help catch up.

If you need a REAL ID, the deadline is October 1st.

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