MyCert Issues Cybersecurity Best Practices Alert for Merdeka’s Holiday

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCert) has issued a alert to remind system administrators and users to secure their systems and networks ahead of Merdeka’s vacation.

The CyberSecurity Malaysia unit said a total of 4,693 incidents were reported through its Cyber999 service from January to July this year. Its statistics showed that a majority of reports were for fraud with 3,062 cases followed by malicious code (650), intrusion (476) and spam (354).

Cyber999 is a service by MyCert allowing Internet users to report incidents related to IT security. Reports can be made by e-mail, online form or hotline.

MyCert also noted that there have been “several security incidents” since the start of this year, including the Log4j vulnerability and a campaign to distribute banking Trojans via fake cleaning service websites.

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He also said that Microsoft researchers discovered a large-scale phishing attack Use opponent-in-the-middle (AiTM) phishing sites to steal passwords, hijack users’ login session, and bypass the authentication process even when multi-factor authentication is enabled.

The data breach was also mentioned as one of the security incidents, but MyCert did not provide any specific details.

He advised system administrators and users to refer to previous MyCert alerts and advisories for more information to prevent security incidents.

MyCert’s alert also urged financial institutions to be vigilant against any fraudulent activity targeting internet banking customers.

Among its recommendations for home users is to remind them to keep their PCs and browsers updated with the latest security patches and to take extra care when opening links or attachments.

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