Microsoft team races to catch bugs before they happen

As a rush of cybercriminals, state-backed hackers and scammers continues to flood the area with digital attacks and aggressive campaigns around the world, it’s no surprise that the system maker Pervasive Windows operating system focuses on security defense. Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates frequently contain fixes for critical vulnerabilities, including those actively exploited by attackers around the world.

The company already has the groups necessary to find weaknesses in its code (“the red team”) and develop mitigation measures (“the blue team”). But recently, this format has evolved again to promote more collaboration and cross-disciplinary work in hopes of catching even more mistakes and flaws before things start to get bad. Known as Microsoft Offensive Research & Security Engineering, or Morse, the department combines Team Red, Team Blue and the so-called Team Green, which focuses on finding flaws or addressing weaknesses that the red team has found and are fixing them in a more systemic way through changes to how things work within an organization.

Windows XP era cheap jokes aside, I feel like there haven’t really been any massive security issues with Windows that we used to see back in the days of XP. Working for one of Microsoft’s security teams can’t be an easy task, and it’s always great to get a glimpse of how they work.

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