Microsoft PowerToys 0.59.1 fixes FancyZones bugs, PowerToys Run and more

Microsoft has released a patch update for PowerToys 0.59, which was released last week. As such, all new features are in the previous version and this one contains a few bugs that the team felt it was important to release fixes for.

This is a patch release to address issues in v0.59.0 to fix a few bugs that we felt were important for stability based on incoming rates. See v0.59.0 for full release notes.


  • #18657: FancyZones not working with windows displayed on all desktops is fixed.
  • #18663: Update error messages should no longer appear when PowerToys is up to date.
  • #18712: On some systems, OOBE Windows makes it a bit too big, so we made the window resizable.
  • #18696: Added setting to disable seek delay in PowerToys Run, as some users preferred the old behavior.
  • #18679: FancyZones bug where windows didn’t snap after changing layout is fixed.
  • #18761: PowerToys Run fails to get default web browser under certain conditions. Potential fixes and added logs are included.
  • #18842: Windows Application SDK runtime upgraded to version 1.1.1, containing latest fixes.

You can download PowerToys 0.59 from the Microsoft Store using this link or the official repository on GitHub. If you already have PowerToys installed on your computer, the app will notify you of available updates, or you can update manually from Settings. As mentioned above, you can also read more about the changes made in the previous 0.59 version.

If you are unfamiliar with PowerToys, it is a collection of advanced utilities provided by Microsoft and the open source developer community. It contains various tools, such as an application launcher, a bulk file renamer, a color picker, a utility to customize shortcuts, and more. Microsoft frequently updates PowerToys with new features and fixes.

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