Microsoft issues update reminder to users as Office 2013 nears “end of support” in 2023 / Digital Information World

The time for the statement is certainly true, and it’s one of the many reasons Microsoft is sending friendly reminders to its Office 2013 users this week.

By April 2023, Microsoft Office will reach its end of support and this is a clear indication for many to upgrade to the latest version. After all, no one wants to be exposed to a plethora of security risks.

The news comes after the company provided a long run of five years of general support, followed closely by a five-year period of extended support for the service.

The exact date listed was April 11, 2023, and per company policy, there will be no more security updates available for the program, as confirmed by company representatives.

Likewise, the company highlighted how using Office 2013 after this date means making your organization more vulnerable to security threats or potentially impacting your compliance requirements.

But what really happens when the date is reached was a question in the minds of many users. Well, Microsoft says it will no longer provide a number of services to license owners with Office 2013. Common examples described include bug fixes, technical issue support, and security assistance.

The company also shed some light on the types of upgrade options that Office 2013 users can benefit from. And that included Microsoft 365 Apps which is the subscription offering that comes with Office and Office LTSC.

Microsoft 365 apps involves both Office 365 Enterprise and Microsoft 365 with a list of business plans. Likewise, endpoint users can benefit from having full versions of their Office apps installed on countless devices at the same time.

But remember that the latest version of Office LTSC is only sold under the one-time purchase policy and can be hailed through license agreements. Also, you can only expect to install it on one of your devices as per the license.

Another major difference between these two Office programs is how Microsoft 365 Apps gets a regular update while Office LTSC continues with the same features unveiled when it launched.

Microsoft says that once you’ve made the decision to upgrade to a newer version through a compatible computer, you should start considering your upgrade options, as Microsoft 365 Apps has many enterprise options.

Therefore, it makes sense to examine the potential of the current plan as an approach to getting your next upgrades, like double-checking valid licenses and user accounts.

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