JBC Discusses Harrison Avenue and Water System Issues at May Meeting | News

JOHNSONBURG – A lengthy Johnsonburg Borough Council (JBC) meeting took place on Monday evening, with a wide range of issues discussed for the first meeting in May.

The JBC first issued a proclamation declaring May 15-21 National Police Week, honoring the men and women who selflessly provide heroic service to their communities.

Johnsonburg Police Chief John Clopp is pleased to invite members of the public to a police memorial service to be held May 16, beginning at 11 a.m. near Holy Rosary Church at the Lookout from Market Street, followed by lunch. There will also be the annual Johnsonburg Memorial Day Parde, beginning at 9 a.m. on Monday, May 30, at the Johnsonburg Community Center. Police Chief Clopp also presented his monthly report to the JBC. There were 197 calls for service in April, a significant decrease over the past few months. Phone calls to the station numbered 57 and reported calls numbered 52. Fifty-four investigations were conducted, which resulted in 23 arrests, four of them for motor vehicle offences. Two drug-related arrests and six cases involving families and children were reported. Clopp met with representatives from Advanced Computer Solutions of St. Marys regarding the placement of cameras in the borough, particularly along the 219 north-south corridor, which runs through the heart of Paper City. Estimates on the purchase and installation of the system will be available for the JBC to consider at the next borough council meeting in June. Chief Clopp thanked the Borough’s new attorney, Barrister John Thomas, for his help in vetting the new police officer body camera program, which is now operational for all officers after an extensive training session on 29 april. Chief Clopp also pointed to the receipt. an American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant from the Elk County Commissioners in the amount of $20,000. The police department will use this funding for a functional remodel of its headquarters on Main Street in the borough. After reviewing the bids, the JBC selected PA Construction, which bid $21,000 for the renovation as the contractor. Construction is expected to begin next month.

The Harrison Avenue realignment project has been an ongoing issue for the JBC for the past three years, and the recent completion of the “point list” of items to finalize the project by the contractor, Dean Construction, was not up to the standards expected by several Board members. Paving issues, placement of sewers and stormwater ponds, and restoration of the area to its original state were questioned. The JBC, while agreeing that the checklist is comprehensive, is considering other options to address the shortcomings.

The Johnsonburg Fire Department has reported no fires or major incidents in the past month, with no monetary loss of property or equipment to the borough.

At Monday’s meeting, Borough Engineer Ryan Miller of ARS Engineering posed several questions to JBC and Johnsonburg Municipal Authority Board Member TJ Weaver. Issues noted included the Johnsonburg Community Center (JCC) roof draining into the sanitary sewer system instead of the sewage system and citywide paving issues related to the construction of a new water plant. water and freshwater system rerouting. Some of the delays were attributed to the fact that local asphalt plants were not in operation. Sewage drainage is confusing in the area near the JCC and behind the former club KJ Cafe and Elks, and further research will need to be done to determine how to fix the issues. As winter gave way to spring in Johnsonburg, Engineer Miller reminded residents that borough code enforcement is in place for grass mowing until fall. Owners are also advised that grass clippings may not be sprayed on borough streets and avenues or state roads as this is a violation subject to fines as clippings may interfere with sewage drainage. A short letter will be sent to local landscaping and janitorial companies reminding them of this order. Residents are also reminded that indoor furniture is not permitted outside homes, even during summer, as it poses a health hazard and may attract insects and other animals to areas. residential. Other items such as ‘white goods’ and appliances should also be disposed of properly and not litter the gardens. Miller is also reaching out to property owners who are repeat offenders and is pursuing legal action with new borough attorney John Thomas to address those property owners with items ranging from due code enforcement to properties considered dangerous structures.

The Johnsonburg Borough Street crew prepares the city for spring by filling in potholes, clearing streets and salvaging appliances and televisions to take to junkyards or recycle.

The financial report was accepted without modification and the invoices were approved for payment.

The next Johnsonburg Borough Council meeting will be June 1, beginning at 4 p.m. in the Main Street Council Chambers. The public is invited to attend.

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