How to activate the webcam on your PC? That and more troubleshooting guidelines here

Webcams have become an essential part of our lives, especially after the pandemic. Video calls, video meetings and video chats. Work and personal. But if you are having trouble with your PC camera, your job can become stressful. Fortunately, fixing the camera issue on your Windows 10 PC is not a big deal, as long as you follow a few nifty troubleshooting tips to fix it. You’ll be connected to your Zoom and Microsoft Teams call in no time.

How to activate the webcam in Windows 10

To turn on the webcam in Windows 10, press Win + S on your keyboard and type “Camera”. Now select an appropriate option which will open the Windows Camera app. Your camera will start working automatically. In some cases, third-party apps require permission to use the camera. If your camera does not work well for third-party apps, check if it has all the necessary permissions.

To check the camera permissions on your system, just go to Settings followed by Privacy and select Camera which would be on the left panel. Now go down and revoke or allow third party apps by selecting the sliders. Once this step is completed, go back to the app and check if the camera has turned on or not. In case the camera is still not working, you will need to do a bit of troubleshooting.

Make sure your Windows is updated

Windows continues to receive frequent updates that may include fixes for the Camera app. If you haven’t installed these updates, the camera app may crash. To avoid such issues, make sure you stay up to date with the latest updates. In case you missed these updates, just download and install them ASAP. Also, make sure your camera’s readers are up to date. Once you have installed all Windows updates, make sure to restart your system. As soon as your system restarts after restarting, try to open the camera again and see if it is working fine or not. If it still doesn’t work, there’s a good chance there is a hardware problem.

How to fix the camera hardware problem

Make sure your camera is turned on as many systems have a physical kill switch that turns off the camera, so make sure you haven’t turned the camera off by accident. In the case of external webcams, make sure the cables are properly connected or if the webcam comes with the app, try using the troubleshooting method from there. Microsoft has made managing the webcam very easy for users. Just make sure you have the latest updates and the necessary drives to use the webcam. Also, never forget to restart your system after installing updates.

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