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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: How to catch Shaymin

Shaymin, the “Gratitude Pokemon,” first appeared in Diamond and Pearl in 2006. Hedgehog was kept out in the original games and it seems the same is true in the Sinnoh remakes – Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Here’s how to catch Shaymin in BDSP.

How to catch Shaymin in Pokemon BDSP

Currently, Shaymin cannot be taken into the game legitimately. There are files that show you can earn Oak’s Letter from Leaks, Data Mining, and Hacking.

It was a key element in diamond, pearl and platinum. “A letter from Professor Oak. It asks you to go on route 224. Follow the directions in the description.

If you’ve already beaten the Elite Four and acquired the National Pokedex, head east on Victory Road. You will accompany Marley, a mystery Pokémon trainer. This auxiliary exit from Victory Road leads to Route 224.

Follow the Road until you reach this flat stone at the north end. Interacting with him now has no effect. If you have Oak’s Letter, a cutscene forming the Seabreak Path will occur. It is a long distance extension of Route 224. A long flowery path leads to a place called Flower Paradise.

This is where Shaymin is. It spawns at level 30, so a lower part may be required. The last thing you want to do is miss a chance to catch it.

How to catch Shaymin without Oak’s Letter

This includes exploiting a menu loophole in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. You shouldn’t do this if you want to legitimately get Shaymin.

In Pokemon BDSP, you can travel to regions that are currently unavailable due to a persistent issue. Pass the Seabreak Path and enter Shaymin’s house. This issue works on the current version of Pokemon BDSP (Ver. 1.1.2)

  • Join in the layout of the steps inside the Pokecenter of the Pokémon League.
  • Make sure the quick slots for your key items are filled with items that will bring up the “Professor Rowan’s Words Echoed” dialog box.
  • Bring your Poketch.
  • Hover your cursor over the HM Fly movement.
  • Spam the R and A buttons simultaneously.
  • If executed correctly, your character should be able to move around while the city map is displayed.
  • Go up and enter the Pokecenter of the Pokémon League while the city map is still displayed.
  • Meet on the ground floor of the Pokecenter.
  • Go back up then exit the center (you should still be on the City Map screen).
  • Use the right analog stick on your controller to readjust the pointer on the map so that it is on the top half of the Pokemon League flight zone (end of Victory Road).
  • Press A to display the dialog which reads: “Do you want to use Fly to go to the Pokémon League?”.
  • Right after the on-screen dialog box ends, press X to bring up your trainer’s menu (Pokedex, Pokémon, bag, trainer card, bullet capsules, etc.).
  • If done correctly, your bag menu should be displayed on the city map.
  • Press A to confirm using Fly.
  • Your character can walk around while your Trainer menu is open.
  • If done correctly, head to the body of water with the menu still displayed, then press the Plus (+) button to display your quick items again, but also the city map.
  • Press B once to exit the map, taking you to another trainer menu overlaid above your quick locations.
  • Press B again to remove the menu overlay.
  • If done correctly, press A at water level to surf.
  • Confirm it, without moving in any direction before that.
  • Just as you jump on the Bibarel, press any direction with your left joystick that matches an item that will bring up the “Rowan’s words echoed” dialog box.
  • If done correctly, your character should stand on top of the Bibarel, maintaining their walking animation.
  • This allows you to walk past barriers like trees, cliffs, and the waterfall.
  • Explore this section counterclockwise so you can travel behind the Pokémon League and go straight to Route 224.

You will need to practice hitting obstacles in the dark unreported void. Try to land on the Seabreak Path as you get close to the edge of Route 224. It will be dark, but if you land correctly you will be able to climb up to Flower Paradise.

This complex method seems to have no detrimental effect on the game, although it can crash abruptly. Of course, there are dangers in using bugs and exploits. This is the only way to catch Shaymin in BDSP right now.

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