Group accuses APC of hiring hackers to break into INEC systems to manipulate election results

By Priscilla Ediare, Teen Ekiti

A pro-Segun Oni group, the Ekiti Build Back Better (EBBB), claims to have uncovered a criminal, immoral and unethical plan by the Ekiti All Progressives Congress (APC) in collaboration with its national headquarters and the alleged connivance of Compromised staff of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to hack into the commission’s systems with the aim of altering the election results in favor of its gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Biodun Oyebanji.

“This clearly shows the inevitable fact that the Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate, Asiwaju Segun Oni, is far ahead in every nook and cranny of the state.”

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To this end, the group said it was informing INEC to take the necessary precautions to prevent its system from being hacked by the APC, adding that the party had “already hired computer experts who are very skilled in hacking systems to illegally enter the INEC”. computer systems and impersonate legitimate INEC staff who have access to data and manipulate election results transmitted electronically from polling stations directly to the collection system in favor of the APC.

According to a press release made available by Idowu Adelusi, the spokesperson for EBBB, to Ado Ekiti reporters on Tuesday, the group alleged that the APC, through its investigation, came to realize that Oyebanji couldn’t win the election, if it’s really transparent, and decided he had to use all illegitimate means to rig the election.

According to Adelusi, all observers of Ekiti State politics had unanimously concluded that in the history of state politics, there had never been near unanimity of the voice of the state. people of Ekiti as to choosing a candidate in an election, except during the First Republic when they overwhelmingly voted for Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

“Today,” Adelusi continued, “Asiwaju Olusegun Adebayo Oni, the SDP candidate, has become the Awolowo of the Ekiti people.

“Residents, ethnic groups, old and young, as well as people of all classes, religions and beliefs, follow Oni.

“We challenge every unbiased observer to conduct an investigation through Ekiti to confirm or refute the stated claim.

“We invite ECOWAS, AU and EU communities to conduct a pre-election survey to authenticate or prove otherwise.

“This is what troubles the APC at the state and national levels. He wants to win the elections at all costs, because he researches and procures all available means to rig the elections.

“Every layer of the Ekiti population has rejected the APC and everything it represents or stands for. Government officials are booed and insulted right under their roofs.

“The Ekiti people, who have suffered almost eight years of bad governance, corrupt and debt-ridden administration, are fed up with them.

“They have now seen an alternative in the reputable, reliable and proven former state governor, Asiwaju Segun Oni, with whom the Ekiti have openly pitched their tent.

“After seeing this and being convinced of a clear victory for Oni and his political party, the APC and his fellow travelers began to fish in troubled waters.

“The ruling party planned, among other things, to wreak havoc on election day, as its government controlled all the country’s security infrastructure.

“They want to interfere with the early movement of election materials.

“Their plan includes shooting practically to scare voters away from pooling units in areas where they are not popular.

“They also planned to engage in vote buying and the kidnapping of key SDP members before election day.

“They ordered INEC officials to starve SDP-controlled areas of sensitive election material. They want to use their thugs, who are mostly drivers and garage boys in police and military uniforms, to harass and whip identified SDP members and chase them out of voting booths on Election Day.

“They plan to disrupt the conduct of the election where they think they have lost; and now they plan to hack the result after the election.

“All these plans are orchestrated to rig the next elections because they are sure that the SDP and Segun Oni are the preferred party and the gubernatorial candidate on election day.”

The EBBB said it took the opportunity to call on the heads of all security forces and officers in Nigeria to “hold the APC and the Ekiti State Government accountable for all breaches of electoral laws in Ekiti before, during and after the June 18 election. .

“In particular, we are giving advance notice to the National Security Advisor to the President, the Chairman of INEC, the Chief of the Army Staff, the Chief of the Defense Staff, the Commander of the NSCDC, the Director General of the DSS and the Inspector General. from police.

“We have strong and accurate information in Ekiti State that the head of a special police squad has been set aside for a special operation to deal with members of the opposition in the upcoming elections.

“He was deployed to Ekiti East Local Government Area during a by-election some time ago where people including a policewoman were killed and the election was halted until today. today.

“The case is still before the Ekiti court today.

“The cop, although an Ekiti man, would have been specially recruited for this upcoming election. He has become so unruly and overprotected by the state government.

“We therefore call on the responsible authorities to remove all current chiefs of police or security officers from Ekiti State ahead of the June 18 elections.

“We advocate for a free and fair election, against which APC in Ekiti opposes. They can be brought back later after the election.

“We wish to remind the APC-led federal government of the consequences of mishandled regional and state elections in the past.

“For example, the Western regional elections of 1965 which ended the First Republic on January 29, 1966; the Second Republic was also assassinated on December 31, 1983 by the same juntas led by General Mohammadu Buhari after the Ondo State elections were mishandled.

“Present Ekiti State was part of Ondo State at that time. That is why Ekiti and Federal Governments under the same APC, should rethink not to plan the mismanagement of the election of June 18.

“We’re just saying beware of the ‘Ides of July’. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” says Winston Churchill.

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