Generation Tech Recruits Volunteers From Limerick To Help Seniors With Computer Problems

A woman from LIMERICK is raising awareness to support a tech savvy company to ensure the technical needs of those over 65 are not overlooked during the lockdown.

Generation Tech is a charity that was created during the first lockdown to help people over 65 with technical support during their cocooning. Since their beginnings in the pandemic, Generation Tech has supported thousands over the age of 65.

Annemarie Clancy, a volunteer from Limerick, believes the association is a great support for the over 65s and makes sure they are not forgotten when they need them most.

She commented that people who could usually request technical assistance from their family members can no longer do so due to lockdown restrictions, which is why the charity is so helpful.

“It’s great to know that our work is helping people stay in touch with others during this difficult time. Often our callers feel a bit forgotten and they appreciate the service because it was created specifically for their population.

Generation Tech volunteers are tech-savvy and give advice over the phone. They help solve tech-related issues like using printers, setting up zoom, Wi-Fi routers, or resetting email passwords. The volunteers patiently guide the caller through the problem. The call lasts an hour, however, if the problem lasts longer, the volunteer will call back the person who needs help. Volunteers are available by phone Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you or someone you know has this service, you can take advantage of it by calling 01-9633288

You can also send an email to [email protected]

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