Firmware and software bug fixes

A major industry event is on the way: at Gamescom in Cologne and at Cyberspace, one of the main video game fairs. economic factor. Thus, every year in Germany there is a turnover of 10 billion dollars. And the industry association Bitcom has called for children and young people to play an average of two and a half hours a day on PCs, consoles or mobile phones. Gamescom video streams will be available from Tuesday at And a day later, it starts in Cologne.

Intel kills bug with microcode

Intel has now killed a huge bug, a big bug, a hardware error in its processors. You know now. Specter and Meltdown started four and a half years ago. And since then, new hardware vulnerabilities have been discovered continuously because many computer security specialists are looking for them. AEPIC is Intel’s latest bug. Because of this, malware can read the most secret encryption keys in the system. But perhaps there is not yet an insect capable of doing this. And Intel also solved the problem with new firmware. It will happen more often this year: the AEPIC bug has probably settled in other processors as well. – The good thing is that you now automatically get the latest firmware with the OS update. Hardware is repaired with software updates. The method has proven itself. You should always ensure that the operating system is up to date, which is not a problem with Windows, Apple and Linux. With Android, it’s different.

Zero threat Apple and Chrome

Apple users should update their computers and gadgets with the latest security standards. Cupertino’s operating system developers have sealed big holes in iOS and macOS, for which exploits already exist. Thus, the criminal scene on the net knows how to push digital vermin through the hole. That’s why Apple recommends upgrading to Monterey 12.5.1 for Mac and 15.6.1 for iPhone and Pad as soon as possible.

These zeros, these exploits that appear somewhere in cyberspace before being patched, are truly the plague. Some have also recently been discovered for Google’s Chrome browser. But Chrome should really install updates on its own. If you don’t trust it, you can check for the latest patched version. which changes every day. There is really something going on right now.

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