Escaping Tarkov Hackers Who Abuse VOIP Leaves Gamers Frustrated

Escape from Tarkov is one of the most popular realistic online multiplayer FPS games of recent years. Developed and published by BattleState Games, it has currently been in closed beta for 5 years.

Running on the Unity engine, the game takes place in a location where a war is taking place between two private armies called USEC and BEAR.

If your character dies, you will lose all the loot you have collected except for a few items. But since the game is still in beta, a handful of bugs and issues such as where they lose the fence rep for killing scavs.

That being said, BattleState Games recently added a VOIP feature that allows players to talk to each other. But it turns out that the Escape from Tarkov hackers are using the new VOIP feature to threaten others to drop their loot.

Some say hackers are ubiquitous in the game and openly threaten others via VOIP that they will kill them if they don’t return everything they have.

It’s amazing that cheating is still as prevalent as it was when the game first launched and shows you the mindset of the development team. As far as I know they are most likely on the RMT scene which seems to be the powerhouse for rampant cheating, why wouldn’t they take more serious action to stop cheating otherwise? This is not Warzone where you don’t lose anything when you die you lose everything on yourself which has a huge impact on your progress in the game. I just embarked on a night raid on the shore with my last 200 000 rubles spent to equip my guy and get one a minute in the game by a cheater who called my name and told me to drop everything or die.

As the title suggests, my friend once pointed out, I was “lucky” he didn’t shoot me at all while I was escaping through gate 3. He got us. called by the name of our PMC and laughed at us, claiming he was going to tap us (which he did, head-eyes my boi in one tap). My friend is playing with the EU server so we hopped on his server to do the next run and after a while we got into a fight in the offices with some guys we kill but in the middle of all the fighting that we both led by the same hacker who killed my friend in the last raid, even though we switched servers from 2 specific servers in the US to 2 specific servers in the EU. Is there anything we can do about this? It’s maddening but also scary as hell.

While cheating was already rampant in Escape from Tarkov, players say the introduction of VOIP has helped them see just how bad the situation is.

Players are demanding that BattleState Games take strict action against those who use ESP, wallhacks and aimbots and implement a more effective anti-cheat system.

Many say that adding a kill-cam replay feature would allow them to see who is hacking so they can easily report them.

We hope that the Escape from Tarkov developers listen to the player base and improve the state of the game in the near future.

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