Elden Ring: How to Fix Common PC Bugs and Performance Issues

At present, the actual cause of this problem is not entirely clear. It seems like it’s much more likely to happen on less powerful PCs that barely meet the game’s RAM requirements, but there’s no obvious, universal way to fix it.

However, here are a few things you can try to fix the problem:

  1. Restart your game.
  2. Load a previous save (if you have access to a save that existed before the problem started).
  3. Update your GPU drivers (or Ring of Elden itself if a game update is still available).
  4. Verify the integrity of your game file through Steam.
  5. Reinstall the game.

The last step is obviously your measure of last resort, and I sincerely doubt most people will have to rely on it if they’ve tried all the other troubleshooting steps and are already running the game with optimized settings.

Elden Ring: How to fix ‘Inappropriate frame rate for online play’ error message and frame rate drops

One of Ring of EldenThe most annoying (and apparently most common) PC performance issue is a somewhat odd error message that says “Frame Rate Unsuitable for Online Play”. While this error is obviously trying to tell you that your current frame rate isn’t good enough to sustain ideal online gameplay, some gamers find that they’re still getting this message even though that’s apparently not the case. .

Like too many Ring of Eldenperformance problems, there really is no perfect solution to this error message that will work for everyone. If you’ve already tried restarting your game and upgrading your GPU drivers and you’re still having this problem, you probably need to make sure your Windows graphics are set to “High Performance Mode”. Here’s how you can check that:

  1. Search for graphics settings through your Windows search bar.
  2. Under ‘Choose an app to set preferences’, choose ‘Desktop app’ and select ‘Browse’.
  3. Select “Ring of Elden” and choose to change the game settings to “High performance” (if it is not already activated).

This should help improve your overall frame rate and get rid of this error, but again it’s possible you’re seeing this error because you’re trying to run Ring of Elden on a PC that just isn’t capable of running it optimally.

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