Easy to bring holiday gift ideas amid supply chain issues

The 2021 holiday shopping is an opportunity for creativity and kindness. As the world slowly emerges from the woes of the pandemic to be faced with the uncertainty of a new variant, financial security and other issues impacting the economy continue to be of concern.

On the one hand, gift givers may have fewer opportunities to purchase popular items made overseas due to supply chain issues. And second, consumers and small businesses still face financial hardship due to inflation, lack of employees, and shrinking dollars.

So instead of your traditional big-ticket items and hard-to-find electronics that require computer chips and graphics cards, here are creative ways to help consumers manage their personal finances and the challenges of the retail market to capture the market. sense of the holiday season.

Define expectations

Communicate with kids and loved ones that Santa has plenty of catch-ups to do given his social distancing in 2020, so some gift items could arrive later this year.

Offer experiences and services

Memories and memberships are the gifts that keep on giving. Plan a family night out at a local hotel, complete with restaurant dinner and a trip to the theater or vacation shopping village. Offer a local gym membership or a small business gift certificate to help grow the local economy.

Buy local to support small businesses

Family businesses that survived the pandemic need consumers’ money to stay alive. So, plan to shop locally and host events at community restaurants to help support the economy while enjoying the traditions of the season. Plus, family restaurant gift certificates are a great way to generate income for a local restaurant that can’t accommodate so many people during the colder months when social distancing is still the norm.

Follow social media influencers

Look for people with expertise in specific product niches to determine when certain gift items are available for purchase. And put your name and a deposit on reserve lists for early access to products.

Donate to organizations

Giving back is always a great idea that helps those in need while filling your heart and sharing the true meaning of the season. Look for local charities and organizations that collect food and gifts, and plan to deliver these items as a family or group.

Buy when you see it

Retailers large and small have holiday promotions throughout the season based on when the products hit the shelves. So, buy gift items when you see them as the best prices and options will likely be available when you see them rather than closer to the holidays.

Plan a holiday celebration in July

Take advantage of the season’s small family reunions, and plan to redeem gifts in mid-2022, when items delayed due to supply chain issues will be available for purchase. The added bonus is that anyone worried about being exposed to germs indoors can join in a summer celebration when people can get together outdoors.

Gifts and creative fundraising go hand in hand

Creative fundraising starts at home, and the holiday season is a great time to start up some smart shopping and charity acts. And consult with a certified financial planner or tax professional to learn how access to certain types of savings funds and charitable donations can also be used as a tax deduction.

In summary, to help ensure wealth, health and happiness throughout the year, it is always a good idea to support local businesses, donate experiences that provide lifelong memories and make a gift to others. The bonus for the holiday season 2021 is that these creative gift ideas work around supply chain issues and financial setbacks so that the meaning of giving becomes the true essence of the season.

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