Crytek apologizes for Hunt: Showdown “issues and bugs” at recent limited-time event

Crytek has released a “quick update” and apology for the issues plaguing Hunt: Showdown’s recent event, Traitor’s Moon.

In a statement posted on the company’s social media, the developer acknowledged that “several issues prevented some of you from comfortably participating in the event” due to “server issues, bugs and, for the console, sensitivity issues”.

“This has all been very frustrating and we understand the impact the downtime and issues have had for many of you,” the statement admitted.

“As of now, we are extending the event until April 18 to allow those affected by this some extra time to complete the event as much as possible.

“We are also aware that some of you may have lost boosts due to downtime, so we are currently figuring out how best to compensate for this. We will let you know as soon as we know. we’ll know more.”

Extending the event gives players an additional four days to get the XP they need.

“Long in the brew – it started life at Crytek USA as a kind of Grimm’s fairy tale spinning Left 4 Dead – Hunt: Showdown cuts a weird, stealthy figure alongside the multiplayer shooters that dominate the discussion today “wrote Edwin in Eurogamer’s Recommended Hunt: Showdown Review.

“It’s decidedly a note, though every bounty hunt holds a variety of deadly, and deeply ruthless, surprises. Beyond that 10-level grace period, she has no real interest in making you feel at home. You. This sheer deadpan, however, stirs up emotions you simply won’t find in most multiplayer games. The way your pulse quickens when you hear the echo of a gunshot. Bile down your throat as you watch the Spider’s movements through the woodwork of a barn. And most of all, the horrible triumphs when a flock of birds flies up nearby and you point your shotgun as someone is looking around a wall.”

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