Computer Problems, Little Falls Tower Works Contribute to Loss of Water Pressure | Morrison County File

Several factors played a role in the drop in water pressure for customers in the Town of Little Falls on the morning of December 13.

Little Falls Director of Public Works Greg Kimman said the computer system that monitors water levels in the town’s two towers is old. A custom computer has been ordered and is ready to use, but it is not yet online.

Meanwhile, the West Water Tower has been under construction since spring, leaving Little Falls to only use the East Castle since April. When the water level in the east tower fell below normal, the computer system did not send an alert to members of the public works department.

The entire town of Little Falls was impacted by the drop in pressure.

“As soon as we found out, we got some guys to go out and bring the water back to normal levels,” Kimman said.

“It was almost instantaneous that we were inundated with calls,” he said. “I know I got my first call around 9:30 am, and that’s when the sheriff’s office said they started getting calls from people as well.”

Kimman said if both towers were operational, such a problem would not have occurred. Work on the west tower is expected to be completed in March.

In the meantime, he said he did not expect such an issue to reoccur, as other precautions to prevent it have been put in place.

If, in the unlikely event that people notice a drop in pressure again, he recommends calling Little Falls Water Works at (320) 616-5530.

“Normally this would have been sorted out in advance,” Kimman said. “But we knew it was a problem. We dealt with the best that we could. It was just kind of a perfect storm.

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