Computer problems cause distance learning problems at LPS for two hours Thursday morning | Education

About a quarter of Lincoln Public Schools’ distance learners or their teachers were kicked out of Zoom or were unable to reach their classrooms for two hours Thursday morning due to an issue with the district’s routers.

District officials were working with their vendor to resolve issues causing some routers to restart spontaneously, said Kirk Langer, chief technology officer of LPS. The vendor had found a solution, and although district officials questioned one of the reconfigurations, the vendor assured them it would work.

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District officials therefore made the changes and restarted the system on Wednesday evening, but by 8 a.m. on Thursday it was clear the district’s concerns were valid, Langer said.

Calls started coming in, including students and teachers who were unable to enter Zoom classes or were kicked out and students who found themselves in a classroom without a teacher.

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Michelle Gossard Thompson said she believed neither her son nor daughter entered their first two classes, but later found out her son entered and had discussions with the students about what they should do after the departure of the teacher.

By 10 a.m., LPS had removed the changes they had made and things were working fine, Langer said. They also figured out what caused routers to restart spontaneously. So they removed those protocols – none of which will affect distance learning – while finding a permanent solution, he said.

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