Computer issues causing problems for STAAR test takers


Source KFDA
Source KFDA
Source KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) – Students who were taking the online version of the high-stakes STAAR today have been temporarily excluded from software that runs the test midway through their test.

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A local teacher said the issue made her panic for a brief moment as she was unable to pass the test to her students.

“You find out and you think, oh no, they’re going to panic or stress,” said Sasha Smith, English teacher II at River Road High School.

Once the issue was reported, notices were sent to test coordinators across the state alerting them to the issue and asking them to call the Test Support Center if any issues were identified.

The River Road Independent School District said a student was affected by the problem.

“At first you are obviously very worried. I was made comfortable to be able to see her progress, I could see that she had not expired,” said the deputy superintendent of the River Road school district, Andy Neis.

“At that point, we decided to invite the young woman over for lunch. After lunch, she went to reconnect and everything was fine,” Neis said.

Administrators have a positive message for students and their parents as they step away from this “hiccup”.

“Even if you have a little hiccup or a problem, as long as when you took your test you were doing your best and working the hardest, then you should be fine,” Smith said.

“I’ve seen what you can do this year, and I know you have the skills and abilities you need to be able to meet this standard that exists,” Smith said.

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