COLUMN: Library Troubleshooting: Holiday Edition | Opinion

Have you ever had those moments when you have everything you need only to realize that in the process of doing something or completing a task, you forgot the most essential ingredient?

It’s me, always forgetting something at the least opportune moment. With holiday shopping chaos, last-minute ice storms, and cold weather looming, it seems like I have a few tips to ensure your book needs don’t turn into chaos either.

More the merrier, the merrier

Did you know that the library has a loan limit of 50 books?

(Community members think we librarians are joking, but we’re not!)

Although 50 pounds may seem too much, this limit is useful during the holidays. After all, you never know if you’ll need the next book in a series or if you’ll have more time to read than you think. And in my opinion, a trip to the library is like having to bring groceries. You need to get as many books as possible on this single trip.

So how do you carry as many books as possible? The library has plastic book racks for this scenario! You can find them inside the front door or on the second floor, and each is blue and spacious and can hold around 20 pounds. We thank our wonderful Friends of the Library for providing them to us!

Are we already there?

Will you be stuck traveling for hours in the car? The library can also help you! Whether you pick up a physical audiobook from the library or stream one online, you’ll never have to travel in silence (or listen to the same three songs on the radio) again. Audio books are also available in our digital libraries!

Are you more of a music lover? You can also find complete, classic and recent music albums using the digital library, Hoopla. If you’re like me, that means listening to up to six albums and singing as loud and out of tune as you want. All for free! (Though those fellow travelers might not thank you for it.)

Get started with our digital libraries on our website (library card required):

Late night movies

Picture this: a crackling fire, a cup of hot chocolate, cozy socks and fleece pajamas. The last element is a late night movie. The library has many options, from the Binge Box (a themed movie set) to DVDs and seasons of TV favorites.

What if you’re at home and can’t get to the library? You can stream a movie online using Hoopla. Watch on your computer, phone or even a TV! Are you a fan of Hallmark Holiday Movies? The library’s Hoopla collection has them too!

So no matter if you’ve planned or planned your vacation reading at the last minute, the library has got you covered. After all, my biggest tip? Library books will travel.

Malan is a communications specialist at the Enid and Garfield County Public Library.

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