Chrome 106 Stable fixes 20 security issues

Google published a new stable version of its Chrome web browser a moment ago (if you’re reading this on September 27, 2022). The new version of Google Chrome is a security update, but it also introduces new features and improvements.

The update is rolled out to all devices over hours, days, and even weeks. Chrome users can speed up the installation of the update to Chrome 106 by loading chrome://settings/help in the browser’s address bar or by selecting Menu > Help > About Google Chrome.

Chrome displays the current version and runs a check for updates when the page is opened.

Chrome 106: security fixes

Google fixed 20 different security issues in Chrome 106 Stable. The official release notes, as usual, only list externally reported security issues. The highest security rating is high. Five security issues are rated as high, the remaining publicly disclosed security issues have medium or low ratings.

None of the issues appear to be exploited in the wild, as Google makes no mention of them in the release notes. Nevertheless, it is recommended that Chrome Stable installations be updated as soon as possible to fix security issues in the browser and protect the browser from potential exploits.

Like Chrome 105’s features, Chrome 106’s improvements are mostly under the hood. Developers may appreciate SerialPort BYOB reader support or support for “CSS length expression support against the used advanced measurement of the CJC water ideogram”, but there is no There isn’t really anything that browser users can look forward to when it comes to features.

Interested users can consult the Chrome Platform Status website, as it provides details about features added or improved in Chrome 106. The version announcement message, linked in the first paragraph, links to the full upgrade log, but it is not usable in its current format to quickly find new features or changes of interest.

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Chrome 106 Stable fixes 20 security issues

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Chrome 106 Stable fixes 20 security issues

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Google released Chrome 106 to address 20 browser security issues and introduce new features and improvements.


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