Charging issues with 2 separate MacBook Pros

I’m really puzzled. I have a 2021 m1 pro 14″ mbp as well as an intel i9 15″ mid 2019 mbp. Both are on the latest macOS 12.5. Over the past two months, both laptops have started showing strange charging behavior. Basically, they’ll be plugged into their respective original Apple chargers, and for no apparent reason, I’ll notice the screen go dark. When I click on the battery icon in the menu bar, the message “Battery not charged” appears. I tried several different chargers in several different places and the problem persists. It is easily recreated by just using the laptop with apps like safari.

I took each laptop separately to the Apple Store Genius Bar and both times the technician was able to recreate the problem and send the laptop in for repair. Each mbp has had its top board replaced i.e. new battery, new keyboard etc. Lo and behold, both computers saw the problem resume immediately after delivery.

What should I do at this point? They clearly don’t know what to do and it’s very disruptive to keep going to the store, working without my laptop, etc., but I also need to be able to charge my laptops while they’re in use.

It’s so weird to me that this same problem occurs on two separate MacBook Pros, of different generations and in unique locations. I’m confused.

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