Broadband ISP BT’s new TV Box Pro kit hit by recording bugs

The owners of UK ISP BT’s latest set-top box for their broadband pay-TV (IPTV) service – TV Box Pro – have recently started complaining about a series of new bugs related to recording issues (e.g., scheduled recordings fail to record) and some applications do not work. But there is a partial solution.

The new kit was officially launched in June 2021 and brought various improvements, such as the addition of High dynamic range video quality (HDR) and WiFi connectivity, as well as 1 TB of storage, Dolby Atmos audio, a Bluetooth remote control and the integration of four TV tuners (i.e. allowing customers to record up to 3 shows and watch a fourth simultaneously).

However, towards the end of last month, a number of customers with the new kit started reporting issues (BT Community Forum) when trying to schedule future recordings, which tended to fail with an error . Likewise, others who had previously been able to set scheduled recordings found that they now displayed with a “Scheduling problem.”

BT seems to have attempted to fix the issue with a “partiel” Firmware patch March 1, 2022 (here), but some customers are still reporting issues, which in some weird cases also seems to have made some subscription channels inaccessible.

A BT support agent said:

“A small number of customers using our BT TV Box Pro may not be able to record or set viewing reminders…The recordings affected will unfortunately show as failed, however, the BT TV Box will seek to recommend whether the program is available elsewhere and catch-up services continue to be available. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this matter causes to those affected and can confirm that registrations and recalls after March 1st will not be affected.

BT Community Manager SeanD posted an update today for those still having issues, which recommends that a reboot (power cycle) resolves the issue. The easiest way to do this is to simply turn off the case at the outlet for a minute or press and hold the BT power button on the front of the case until it reboots.

This will fix all issues from today, however, recordings from yesterday will still be affected. Please check the program guide to see if the program you wish to record is available for catch-up. There will be a “play” button to show if it is available“said Sean.

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