BR General last local victim of hackers

BATON ROUGE — Baton Rouge General Hospital is facing a disruption to its computer system after a hacker was able to breach its security.

The hospital can still take new patients, but ambulances will not transport them to this hospital.

Brad Harris, spokesman for Baton Rouge EMS, said these issues have been going on for about two days.

“We’ve learned the general in Baton Rouge is routed, so we’re not transporting to those facilities,” Harris said.

General Baton Rouge is not alone. A few days ago, the Louisiana Work Force Commissions webpage had to be taken down after being hacked.

In recent weeks, Zachary’s Police Department Facebook page has encountered a similar problem. Hacker posted sexually explicit images and anti-police rhetoric.

They even entered the Facebook campaign page of mayoral candidate Chef David McDavid.

Cybersecurity expert George Schiaffino says it’s more common than people think. He says it often happens to bigger companies with more money.

“The small office like mine, or a law firm, or a doctor’s office is not a prime target. I will spend more time dealing with the hospital that has the deepest pockets” , said Schiaffino.

It says if you receive a suspicious email, check what it is before opening it.

“Challenge yourself,” Schiaffino said. “If you get an email from your bank and you’ve never received an email from the bank before, question it. You can always call before you do this because people just do phishing.”

WBRZ tried to call the hospital for more information, but they wouldn’t speak on camera. Officials report that they are working to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

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